Meters / 100A 120 - 240volt

Simple read off the face kWh meter.

Meter 120/240V 3-wire, 100A

Neutral bypasses the meter

Will accept #2AWG insulated wire.

The only electrical connection is made by 2 small screws which penetrate the wire insulation and pick up power--less than 1 watt--to power the meter.

Non-resettable LCD display. Usage data is maintained through power outages.

Single-phase energy meter, 100A 120/240-volt, 3-wire, 60Hz

Standard North American household current.

Most commonly a white neutral, a black hot and a red hot wire, 200V to 252V between the hots, 110V to 126V either hot to neutral.

Very voltage tolerant--the meters will tolerate voltages from 168 V to 312V hot to hot, 84V to 156V hot to neutral !!

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